Senior Portrait Tips: Braces, Tans and Hands

Here are a few senior portrait tips from Mullica Studio that will help guarantee an awesome photo session experience:

Don’t worry about braces. Your braces are a part of the high school “you” and shouldn’t be avoided or hidden. However, if they really bother you, or you only wore them a short time, we can digitally “erase” them for a fee. Ask us ahead of time about this option.

Don’t overdo the tanned look. For one thing, it looks unnatural. For another, your pictures could reveal peeling skin or a cherry-red nose.

Make sure your hands are presentable. Like shoes, hands can show up in some of your favorite poses, so be sure to take the time to make them presentable – guys should trim their nails, and girls might need to touch up their manicure.

senior collage

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